Make it easy for teens to eat well

Between teen girls worrying about weight and teen boys swinging on the fridge door because they’re always hungry, there has to be a way to balance out what they want and what they need – here are some suggestions Shinchon Zombie Comics.

Manage the environment
Just like supermarkets carefully plan their aisles to get shoppers to buy more, plan what you have in the cupboards, the fridge and standing out on counters. A whole melon in the fridge will go ignored, but sliced melon on the counter will vanish in a moment. The lesson here: set out easy-to-eat snacks that kids can grab.

Age-appropriate lunches
Don’t ban all junk food, but team it with healthy options and side-dishes, and pack lunches for school. Keep your teen’s changing tastes in mind so that they won’t ditch your lunch for a junk food alternative. You might be surprised to find that older teenagers are happy to take leftovers from supper instead of peanut butter sandwiches.

What they need
Teenagers need a bit more of everything in their diet at this stage – it’s the last big push to adulthood. This means including plenty of “good” fat in their diet. So rather than going for fat-free snacks, give them avocado, full fat yoghurts, nuts or trail mix with their lunch.

Lastly, this is also time to encourage healthy lifestyle habits, like drinking enough water and getting enough sleep each day. And while we can’t promise that this will make puberty a trouble-free time, it will definitely help.

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