Make your food money last!

Oh no, toast for dinner AGAIN 이그니션 다운로드! Living on a student budget isn’t easy: often the month seems longer than your money, and then it’s down to toast or 2-minute noodles. While we can’t make the month shorter – or the money grow – we’ve got some tricks that can stretch whatever you have.

Buy smart

When you’ve been living on popcorn and waiting for money to come through, it’s tempting to splurge on your favourite take-out the moment your cash lands. Sure, do it once, but only once. Rather, go shopping for some staples that will keep the cupboard full in the lean times. Think about items that won’t go bad or bore you!

  • Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, so make sure you get a pack of healthy cereal (avoid too much sugar and wild colours) or muesli rusks – you’ll be glad they’re there when you need them! Quick tip: put them into a sealed jar, or keep the packet tightly closed so you don’t get visiting weevils! Urgh.
  • Tinned foods like tuna, beans, pilchards and sardines are your friend! Packed with the protein you need, they last quite a while, so put a few into your shopping-basket. Quick tip: always look for the brands on special.
  • Stock up on a litre or two of long-life milk, but keep them for emergencies. You know what that’s like – you’ve got 10 minutes to eat breakfast, then you see your room-mate’s finished the milk! 
  • Find out where the reduced-prices/sell-by aisle is in your local supermarket. All supermarkets now put sell-by-date foods on sale to reduce wastage, and you can pick up anything from fresh fruit, veggies and chicken to rolls and loaves of bread for lower prices. Quick tip: only buy what you’re going to eat on the day as these foods can’t be kept for days and days.
  • Another healthy long-life staple to keep in your cupboard is peanut butter: crunchy or smooth, it’s packed with protein. And yes, buy a few packs of those ramen noodles – because sometimes you just feel like them.
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There you go – get what you like best on the list. Oh, and let us know whether these tips helped to shake loose a few more Rand for fun!

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