Making the most of your medical aid

In last week’s episode of the Hello Doctor show, Dr Michael Mol spoke to studio guest Damian McHugh about medical schemes windows 10 업그레이드 도우미 다운로드.

Get value from Medical Aid
The average middle-class South African family has no retirement plan, no life insurance, and no medical aid scheme in place. Of those who do have medical aid, one in four are saying: “I’m paying way too much for medical cover, and have nothing to show for it”. The truth is though, people might not understand or know about the benefits they have available to them.

Here, we answer some of your FAQs about medical aid

1. Who do I speak to?
Do I have to speak to a broker to learn more about the extra benefits of my scheme, or can I access the information online? Brokers and financial advisors add significant value because they can answer your specific questions, and they understand your scheme and options.

2. Can my medical aid be tailored to my needs?
It isn’t possible to completely individualise a medical aid scheme, but there are so many options available, you can definitely bring it closer to what you need.

3. Can I adjust my options at any time, if I want to?
No. Your medical aid option usually runs for a calendar year, but you may be able to add extra savings through additional savings vehicles provided outside of your scheme, such as Momentum’s HealthSaver.

4. Are there additional benefits, outside of my normal cover, for when I fall ill?
Yes. There are additional covers you can purchase, outside of your scheme, such as flexible savings accounts. There are also loyalty and reward programmes that bring you extra benefits for healthy lifestyle changes. So, good nutrition, fitness programmes, quitting smoking – all bring you extra benefits and savings.

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5. What about screening processes and tests for preventative health?
Momentum’s Health Platform covers a wide range of screening processes, over and above the normal blood glucose and cholesterol testing – such as maternity screens, dental check-ups and others. Speak to your broker to find out how you can access these screenings.

Make sure your family is covered
Many South Africans live in the here and now and don’t worry about accidents or chronic care. This would be fine if we lived in an ideal world, but we don’t, and until that changes we need to make sure that we are covered for any eventuality in the best way possible, and that we understand the ins and outs of the plan we have.

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