‘Men-Only’ body problems

Since the dawn of time, men and women have been dealing with body issues unique to each gender 드래곤 길들이기 자막 다운로드. Men may suffer from erectile dysfunction and prostate problems, while women have their period and possible uterine concerns to deal with.

The fact is, not all body issues are shared across both genders. Here’re a few things that generally affect men more than women, as well as some that are exclusive to men.

The ‘Boep’
We all gain weight differently. You might gain weight in your belly, while your neighbour gains his on his side. One form of weight gain that’s undeniably common is the beer belly, more commonly known as ‘the boep.’

The beer belly is normally thought to exist due to excessive beer drinking, but it’s actually the most common location in a man’s body where fat is stored.

Back Hair

Hormones and genetics can really play a nasty prank on men, you may know this all too well already. For guys, who have seen their fellow male relatives sporting a hairy back, the thought of having back will probably seem very unsightly, but thanks to genetics, it’s definitely a possibility.

It’s not always attractive (ok, it’s never attractive), so it does have an impact on a man’s self-confidence. There are laser treatments that can kill hair follicles and lessen, or prevent hair growth.

Erectile Dysfunction

This is one of the most common male health problems. We even get questions about it on Facebook and on our text-a-doctor/ call-a-doctor service.

Erectile dysfunction is very seldom a condition on its own – it’s usually a symptom of a bigger health concern, like a heart problem. Lifestyle related factors, like smoking and obesity, play a big role in ED as well. If you have a problem, go see your doctor about it.

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Enlarged Prostate

Here’s another ‘man only’ problem: the enlarged prostate. Your prostate is a gland that is situated right underneath your bladder and surrounds the urethra, a tube that passes your urine. It’s very small, but its role is very important in fertility.

When your prostate is enlarged – usually due to an infection (but cancer could also cause it) – it could tighten the hold it has on your urethra, making urination difficult. If you’re having a difficult time peeing, it’s time to get your prostate checked.

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