Matric dance survival tips

By September 23, 2015Safety

For your teen, it’s a big, big deal – the end of a 12-year stint in school Download Adobe 2017 cc! For parents, it’s a big deal too – matric dances don’t come cheap and watching your child’s first major rite of passage is an emotional business. Here are some ways to make sure it’s a good memory for everyone.

Matric dance after parties can be a murky business, so put these plans in place to help everyone relax:

  1. You already know what the evening looks like, but ask them to let you know if anything changes.
  2. Make sure all cell-phones are charged and that everyone has one with them.
  3. Don’t drive the kids crazy with texts, but ask that they text you when they move from one venue to another.
  4. Make sure that lifts to and from the various venues are sorted out and confirmed. Let kids know to contact you if any of their lifts don’t arrive.
  5. Make sure that your teen has enough money in case of any emergency.
  6. Don’t forget to have “the talk” about being responsible – drinking, drugs and safe sex.
  7. Suggest that daughters pack some flats or comfortable wedges for the after-party – those stiletto spikes can really hurt after 6 hours!

Are you ready? Now, put on a brave face, and you’ll be sure to have some fabulous pics, and share memorable moments. You’ve done well, mom & dad – getting them this far in life.

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