Meet the MEDIKIDZ – our superheroes of health

The Medikidz are five superheroes on a mission to help young people better understand illness and medical condition 우분투 리눅스 커널 소스 다운로드. Characters Chi, Pump, Skinderella, Axon and Gastro take children on a journey through Mediland – an outer-space planet shaped like the human body – to explain the diagnosis, investigation, treatment and prevention of different medical conditions.

Who started Medkidz?
Medikidz was founded by Dr Kim Chilman-Blair and Dr Kate Hersov. Working in paediatrics, they became frustrated by the lack of engaging education for young patients, so they created a series of cartoon books to explain the medical basics of various health conditions to children.

Why use a group of cartoon superheroes to convey health messages?
Establishing good health habits as a child is a big contributing factor to being a healthy adult. Health and medical issues can be complicated to understand, so Momentum Health has partnered with Medikidz to educate and communicate to children about Getting Active. Their aim is to create a life-long personal investment in health and awareness.

Behind the scenes of Medikidz
Professional medical writers and doctors create all the content, which is subsequently peer-reviewed by leading consultants in each respective field. There are more than 50 books on paediatric conditions as well as adult illnesses.

Is it medically credible?
Medikidz has established a Medical Advisory Board of dozens of the world’s preeminent physicians, as well as a Youth Advisory Board, a group of young people aged 6-16 years old, affected by illness, whose voice and opinion help to shape the direction of Medikidz.

Since its launch in September 2009, for which Archbishop Desmond Tutu was the spokesperson, Medikidz has distributed over 2.5 million comic books globally.

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Hello Doctor viewers can email [email protected] for a copy of Medikidz (put “Medikidz explain Getting Active” in the subject line).

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