Men, boost your sexual performance

There’s a solution for nearly everything these days, not least of which aimed at improving your sex life adobe pdf pro. Viagra made quite a splash when it debuted years ago, and since then, many more have flooded the market. Here’s a run-down of your medically approved passion-powering options.

Performance enhancer
These drugs act as an enhancer for normal or abnormal erectile function. They increase sexual desire and arousal. With the growing interest and market, they’re used to remedy erectile dysfunction. They increase sexual performance, prevent early ejaculation and the overall quality of sex.

Sexual enhancers are known to be effective and can be prescribed by your doctor. They increase your libido and stamina in bed. This is thanks to the active ingredients that speed up the blood flow to the penis.

Do they all work equally?
Any form of enhancement ranges from effective to extremely dangerous. They vary, and will react differently from person to person. Certain brands will not meet your expectations. You need to understand the role these enhancements play and know the key areas you want to focus on. To get value for your money, understand what the drug should be used for and its effectiveness.

Your choices:

  • Prescribed pills: other than Viagra, there are alternative brands that help relax blood vessels and promote more blood flow to the penis. Each of these have a slightly different way of working, but they have the same goal: long-lasting erections. You need a prescription, as they can cause problems if you have a heart condition.
  • Gels, creams and oils: these are directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin of the penis, and can give instant results.
  • Devices: vacuum pumps, cylinders, electric rings and stretchers – you will also need recommendations from your doctor, as these devices aren’t completely risk-free. Where the medication increases blood-flow to the penis medically, these devices increase blood-flow to the penis in a mechanical way.
  • Surgery: if it is indicated, your doctor may recommend a medical procedure, but this is usually the last resort. It may involve implanting a prosthetic device, or repairing some of the blood vessels in the penis.
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Good to know:

  • Studies suggest that marijuana acts as a sexual aphrodisiac. It’s known to increase your sexual stamina. Marijuana sensitivity may differ for each person. The effect it has in your body is to either relax you or act as a sexual stimulant. Since Marijuana has been declared legal for home use, you could consider giving it a try – just check with your doctor first!
  • There are generic supplements that mimic testosterone levels.
  • Some active ingredients found in counterfeit supplements contain chemicals used in diabetes medication that can drop your blood sugar levels: so never take a drug that your doctor hasn’t approved!

The dark side

Most male enhancement pills are ordered online. South Africans are among the biggest consumers on the black market of these supplements. They can be bought from as little as R9 a pill. Just remember, the last thing you want is a health problem you didn’t have – so avoid embarrassment and danger and get these drugs the legal way. Before taking any supplements, check with your doctor for what is suitable and the appropriate dosage for you.