Mothers’ Day – Mom’s the word!

If you had to choose just one, what’s the most important thing your Mom’s ever given you (besides life, of course)? Something she said, or did, that had a major positive impact on your life? Or, in what ways are you just like her? Did you inherit her eyes, her laugh or the shape of her body?

The mom mystery

Thinking about our mothers: it is a big deal. Whether your Mom drives you a little crazy, or you love each other to bits, the Mom-bond is powerful either way. And, as you get older, you’ll probably notice some of her characteristics in you (whether you like it, or not!) For example: a friend of mine is very different to her mother in almost every way, but they both love – really love – the colour turquoise and old china. They’ve each adapted this love uniquely to their own era, but you notice it immediately. Another friend has inherited her mother’s musical talent, and yet another has his mom’s gift for working almost anything into sculpture. What peculiar similarities do you share with your mom?

Write it on the wall!

You may have inherited your abilities from your Dad, but you have your Mom’s great smile, or her good health. Or, maybe, the best thing she ever gave you was a piece of advice that made everything OK when it all looked dreadful? Sometimes, the most precious thing about your Mom is that when you reach out, she’s right there.

We know that you’ll send flowers, buy a card, send a text or make a call on Mother’s Day, but take a minute to post a line on our wall about the most important thing your Mom has given you.

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Happy Mother’s Day!