Movember: our interview with Mark Pilgrim

In this week’s episode of Hello Doctor, Dr Michael Mol chats to popular DJ and TV personality Mark Pilgrim. Mark’s broadcasting career started at the age of 12, and today he’s a decorated broadcaster, having won an MTN Radio Award for Best Commercial Music Show last year.

What many people don’t know about Mark is that he is also a testicular cancer survivor, so “Movember” is a cause that’s very close to his heart. We took a few snippets from his studio interview with Dr Michael Mol, but you can watch the full interview here:

How were you diagnosed?
I had a testicle that had swollen to what felt like the size of an avocado pear. I had my head in the sand though and ignored it – it could have been there for days or weeks, I don’t know. Of course, what was happening at the same time was that the cancer was coursing through other parts of my body, to my lungs and kidneys.

What did the treatment involve, and what helped you pull through?
Of course, I had to have a testicle removed, which at any age is traumatic but at the age of 18 was even more so. Then I had to go through a hectic 9 month course of chemotherapy. There were good days and bad days, but what helped get me through in the end was a positive attitude – I told myself I could beat the cancer, and I did.

Tell me a bit more about Movember?
Movember was started as a way to great awareness around men’s health and in particular testicular cancer. The drive has done much to create incredible awareness, plus raise money for a great cause – the Cancer Association of South Africa, and the Movember Foundation. Guys can register online and the aim is to get friends and family to donate however much they can. Last year, R4.7 million was raised during Movember and 30 000 people registered.

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Don’t forget, you can catch the full interview with Mark Pilgrim here:

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