Movember: Ready, Set, Grow!

It’s that time of the year again, guys Download Cambridge Eyelts! It’s the month of the Mo! Dash to your nearest store and grab a fresh razor. “Why” you ask? Well, remember the rules – you have to be clean shaven at the beginning of the month.

But do you actually know why men all around the world are changing their appearance during the month of November? It’s much more than just a fashion statement.

So, what is Movember?

November or “Movember” as it’s now known is a worldwide organisation that’s dedicated to raising awareness about men’s health issues – specifically, testicular and prostate cancer, but why? Well, when was the last time you heard a guy talk openly about his prostate and/or testicles? Never, right?

And yet, these are two cancers that can be cured, if detected in their early stages – it’s simple maths: more awareness = more donations = more lives saved. And that’s where Movember comes in! – putting a fun spin on a delicate topic that hits below the belt.

And the numbers say it all – last year Mo Bros across South Africa helped raise R8.1 million, which was used to fund men’s health programmes.

How do I become a Mo Bro?

It’s very easy! Simply sign up to become a Mo Bro and make sure you follow the rules that have been set out by your elder brothers. This year, there’s even an official Mo app that you can download to your smartphone – no more excuses!

When you grow a Mo, it’s more than just facial hair, you are joining a community of brothers who look out for the wellbeing of their fellow man – as the Three Musketeers would say, “All for one, and one for all!”

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C’mon, guys! Movember is your month to help make a difference –Grow your Mo and donate to this worthy cause, now! Ready, set, grow!

Oh, and ladies, you can get involved too. By signing up, you’ll become a Mo Sista and can sponsor an individual or even a company!

For any more information, visit the official Movember website!