Mushroom juice: The latest drink trend!

The new drink craze is called “kombucha”, and even major celebs including Halle Berry, Madonna and Reese Witherspoon are singing its praises.

But what is it?

Kombucha, aka “mushroom juice”, is made by combining bacteria and yeast with tea and sugar, which turns it into something which resembles an expanding brown mushroom. The concoction is then separated, bottled, and sold in health and organic-food stores. No doubt, it’s an acquired taste!

Where is it from?

The drink originates from China, where it’s been dubbed the “elixir of life”, because of the natural probiotics and antioxidants it contains.

Does it taste good?

Some say kombucha tastes like vinegar, while others claim it tastes like a crude beer, apple cider or cough medicine – none of which are particularly tasty! In spite of this, kombucha is very popular and “mushroom juice” lovers swear that it wards off hunger-pangs, improves mood, sharpens concentration, benefits their digestive system and boosts their energy.

What do you think? Does mushroom juice sound like something you’d try? Maybe you have already – tell us!


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