Office party do’s and don’ts

Is your company having an end-of-year office party this year SolidWorks 2016? It’s great to be able to see your colleagues outside of the work environment, but there’s a fine line between having a fun conversation and an inappropriate one. You need to be careful – Here are some essential office party do’s and don’ts!

Please DON’T

  • Drink too much: We know it’s a celebration, but showing your colleagues your ability to down 10 shots in 10 seconds, followed by a beer chaser, isn’t a party trick suitable for an office party.
  • Flirt with your colleagues: This is a well-established No-No! You may make an inappropriate comment that causes an awkward situation at work – let’s keep it PG-13, people!
  • Spend all evening talking business. You’ll forever have the label as the office bore.
  • Pass up the invitation to an office party; not attending could hurt your reputation. And when you attend (unless there’s an appropriate reason why you can’t attend.)

Make sure that you DO:

  • Always thank the person responsible for organising the party and bid farewell to relevant management.
  • Read The Invitation For Clues:
    A lot of the time, the easiest way to know the type of party you’re attending is what’s written on the invitation, Blais Comeau says. “Besides the basics, including date, location and time, an invitation should also note if you can bring a guest.”
  • Send a thank you note/e-mail to the relevant management for hosting the party.
  • Make the rounds and try and speak to all of your colleagues, especially those that you don’t interact with on a daily basis at the office
  • Celebrate the theme: No doubt your office has gone to a lot of trouble to organise the party and if there’s a theme, go all out! It’s all about having fun!
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Remember, it doesn’t matter how or where you celebrate – it’s about having a good time with your colleagues outside of the office setting. Follow our advice, and it’ll be a party you’ll never forget!