Polio still not dead

While polio may seem like history for most of the world, it’s still very much alive in countries like Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but a new study may have found a way to eradicate the disease for good Download the Camping Club. The study suggests that giving vaccinated children an extra dose of inactivated polio vaccine could boost their immunity and help eradicate the highly infectious disease.

One Vaccination Not Enough For Polio

The polio vaccine is highly effective, but immunity doesn’t last more than a year or two after the first dose. So, vaccinated children and adults can still be infected and contribute to the spread of the disease. The answer may be to give an additional dose of inactivated polio vaccine to kids who’ve already been vaccinated. This may help speed up eradication of polio worldwide, says study lead author Dr Jacob John, of Christian Medical College in India.

Testing The Theory

Researchers gave a dose of inactivated polio vaccine to 225 children, ages 1 to 4, in India – all had been previously immunised at least 6 months before. Another 225 children received no additional vaccine. The children who received the additional dose showed stronger immune system response against the polio virus than those who didn’t.

Source: Health Day News

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