Questions to ask your doctor about pregnancy

By December 19, 2013Pregnancy

As a new mommy-to-be, it’s natural that you have a lot of questions you want answered, so don’t be shy to ask your doctor at your next appointment.  If you’re not sure what you should be asking, here are the top 10 important pregnancy questions you should speak to your doctor about 인공지능 바둑 프로그램 다운로드.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

  1. What are prenatal vitamins and why do I need them?
  2. How do I work out my due date?
  3. How can I tell if the symptoms I’m having are normal?
  4. What is the normal amount of weight to gain during pregnancy?
  5. What can I take to help ease morning sickness?
  6. What foods should I be eating more of, and what exercises are safe to do?
  7. Are there any activities, medicines, or foods I should avoid while pregnant?
  8. Is it safe to have sex while I’m pregnant?
  9. Am I at high risk for any problems during pregnancy?
  10. When should I call a doctor?
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