Raining? The dangers of cruise control

Cruise control – a pretty nifty feature, right Download artcam? It’s designed to keep you safe, but during the rainy season, it could actually cause you harm. Don’t believe us? Let’s explain.

The cruise control feature is common in the majority of cars these days and is wonderful for long road trips and for those of you who are parents and are teaching your teenager to drive.

It’s perfect in normal weather conditions, but when it starts to rain, it’s a completely different story.

The safety feature allows you to control the speed and keep a following distance, but it can’t actually tell the difference between a dry and wet road.

This can cause your car to hydroplane, which means the loss of steering and brake control. If the car is in cruise control when this happens, it can actually make it worse because you aren’t able to change your travelling speed.

Many motorists who have had accidents when it’s raining have described this hydroplaning sensation when driving in cruise control; many articles have also confirmed this as a possible cause.

So, when it’s raining please switch off cruise control so that you have full control of your vehicle and avoid potentially fatal accidents.

Here are some other driving safety tips:

  • Take breaks on long road trips
  • Always wear your seat belt
  • Check the day’s weather conditions
  • Always keep water in the car to stay hydrated
  • Have a good night’s sleep before a long trip
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