Reasons why you’re not falling pregnant

The equation for making a baby is quite simple: all you need is  1 Man + 1 Woman + Sex = Baby, right movie Hannah? Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. And the problem can be either with the men, or the woman.

Here are the top factors that affect fertility in men, and in women.


1. Your Choice of Drink

What you drink and how often you drink can impact your fertility levels, especially when it comes to coffee and alcohol. Too much of either can cause fertility problems, so stick to one glass or cup a day – if that. For the rest of the time, up your intake of water and herbal teas like rooibos.

2. Not Taking Your Supplements

Besides eating healthily and exercising regularly, another thing you can do to help boost fertility levels is take a daily multivitamin supplement that includes folic acid, selenium and vitamin B12. These are all nutrients which can help increase your chances of falling pregnant.

3. Eating the Right Food: Oily Fish 

Eating oily fish like mackerel, fresh tuna, salmon and pilchards at least twice a week can help boost your fertility levels. The health benefits don’t end there though, eating oily fish on a regular basis can also reduce your chances of miscarriage and may even boost hubby’s sperm quality.

4. Your Age

Quite simply, the older you get, the less fertile you are. After the age of 35, fertility levels decrease significantly, because older eggs are less easy to fertilise and more likely to result in an unsuccessful pregnancy.

5. Your Weight 

A normal BMI (body mass index) is between 18.5 and 24.9, and being significantly overweight or underweight can affect your fertility levels too. Being overweight can result in anovulation (not ovulating at all) or irregular ovulation. And if you’re very underweight, and your body doesn’t have enough energy for your own bodily processes, it’ll “shut off” your reproductive cycle.


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1. You’re wearing the wrong underwear

One of the keys to male fertility and quality sperm lies in keeping the temperature consistent in the scrotum. As much as possible, avoid wearing restrictive clothing and tight underwear. Rather stick to boxers, not briefs, and wear loose-fitting jeans and pants.

2. You’re boozing too much

One or two drinks – particularly red wine – might be alright for your general health, but heavy boozing every weekend isn’t doing your baby makers any good. Drinking too much affects the production of sperm, its shape, and movement. So, ease up on the alcohol to help keep them healthy.

3. You sit with your laptop on your lap

Yes, it’s called a laptop, but men should avoid sitting with one on their laps. This is because a lot of heat is emitted from the bottom of a laptop, which could heat things up in the scrotum. Rather set your laptop up on a table – it’s also easier to work from this way.

4. You fry, rather than boil, your eggs

To help boost sperm count, try eating a soft-boiled egg in the morning. Preparing them this way helps make essential nutrients, such as amino acids, easier to absorb.

5. You’re not having enough sex

It sounds like the least obvious way to improve your sperm count, but it’s true. Ejaculating daily can increase the quality of your sperm by 12%! So, need we give you any more reason to practice baby making EVERY day?