Removing a mole, the safe way

By November 12, 2015Skin

“There’s a mole on my face and I need to get rid it now.”

As normal as moles and skin tags are, many don’t like the look of them and wish they would just disappear fm2017 건조스킨 다운로드. And, with the oncoming summer sun, moles put you at greater risk of skin cancer. So how do you go about removing it? Well, for starters, you go to your doctor.

It’s not unusual for people to want to remove a mole on their own, and there are plenty of videos and articles online that show you how. But it comes with risks – real risks. It’s painful, you could get an infection and the mole may even grow back. Your doctor will also need to send it off to the lab to make sure it’s not cancerous. There are three main ways to remove a mole or skin tag:

  1. Cutting it off
  2. Freezing it off
  3. Burning it off

Snip snip

Cutting off a mole is probably the best of the three, especially if you want to minimise scarring. The doctor will use a scalpel to scrape and cut off the mole. They have full control over how the mole is removed and can even go below the skin to prevent it from growing back. Before the cut happens, you’ll be given some local anaesthetic for the pain, and after the procedure, you might be given some stitches. A member of our team can vouch for the painlessness of the procedure as he had two moles removed this way.

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A frozen mole

Freezing a mole off is a lot quicker than cutting it out. The only drawback is that it might create a blister, but that will heal on its own. The doctor will spray a little bit of liquid nitrogen on the mole and then pick it off. Simple.

Burning down the mole

The last method is burning it. Don’t worry, the doctor won’t set your mole on fire! They use a special kind of wire that burns the mole. Because it’s so hot, it burns off all of the tiny blood-vessels which instantly stops any bleeding.

What about scarring?

There will always be a scar when you remove a mole, but it depends on the technique that the doctor uses, the size of the mole, where the mole is located and your skin type. The best thing you can do is to wait for the wound to heal and then apply some vitamin E oil to it.
See, it’s easy and there’s very little risk involved. The important thing to remember here is to NOT DO THIS AT HOME!