Safe sex during the holidays

December is time for you to take a break from the daily grind 화이트 데이 다운로드! It’s a month of relaxation, fun and spending time with loved ones. It’s also a time where people let go a little and may take more risks than they usually do. Those late-night get-togethers can lead to unprotected sex, which, in turn, could lead to an unexpected surprise 9 months down the line.

To make sure your holiday is closer to being perfect and without any unwanted surprises, it’s always best to have safe sex.

Easy ways to have safer sex

What does safe sex include? Well, let’s take a look:

  1. Use a condom – it’s simple to use, readily available and is very effective at preventing both STDs and PREGNANCY.
  2. If you’re in a monogamous relationship and you don’t want a baby, check out our Contraceptives 101 article.
  3. If you’re not in a relationship, try to reduce the amount of casual sex (remember to wear a condom!). The more people you have sex with, the higher your chance of getting an STD.
  4. Do not rely on the rhythm method. Some people have faith that by pulling out before orgasm, you can prevent a pregnancy. This has been proven time and time again to be wrong.
  5. Oral sex may not get you pregnant, but you can still get an STD!

What if you were safe, but think you’re pregnant?

Sometimes, even when you follow the rules, things happen; the condom breaks, you skip a pill or just bad luck. So, how do you know if you’re pregnant? First of all, you need to take a pregnancy test. If you follow the instructions, you’ll get an accurate answer. Read our Pregnancy Test article if you’re unsure.

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If it turns out that you are pregnant, then you need to make the decision on whether or not to keep the baby, go the adoption route or go for an abortion. If you opt for the abortion, it’s VITAL that you go see a reputable clinic – DO NOT attempt a cheaper alternative. Backstreet abortions often have bad side-effects and can even prove fatal, so don’t do it!

Practicing safe sex is not intended to spoil the fun you have in your relationship, any more than wearing a seat-belt is there to spoil your road-trip. In fact, it makes the enjoyment all the better, because you won’t be stuck with lifelong illness or unplanned parenting.

It’s not a matter of “Be safe OR have fun”, but “Be safe TO have fun!”

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