Salmonella outbreak in Limpopo

By January 30, 2014Infections

The diarrhoea outbreak in Limpopo earlier this week that left 42 people hospitalised was probably caused by salmonella mac 시에라 다운로드.

According to a Sapa correspondent, the outbreak was reported on Monday by the provincial diseases outbreak response team, and it’s believed the initial cause was contaminated food or water at Mokopane Lodge. A member of the response team confirmed that preliminary results on the food samples identified salmonella food poisoning, and the lodge has been placed under quarantine awaiting confirmation of the results.

Protect yourself against salmonella

Salmonella is normally contracted from poultry, beef or pork which has been improperly handled or cooked, or has been infected with bacteria after preparation. Always wash your utensils, hands and counter tops thoroughly, refrigerate food immediately, cook meat and chicken all the way through, and avoid eating raw eggs.

Source: IOL

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