Sexual myths: Do you believe in any of them?

Whether you find it easy or difficult to talk about sex, there’s every chance that you’ve heard at least one of these myths Minecraft 1.14.4 Shader.

Wanting a healthy sex-life is something everyone wants, but sometimes our expectations are too high without us realising it. How is this possible? We’re fed a lot of information every day on social media, magazines and even what our friends tell us about what a great sex-life is all about. Worst of all, some of them might not be true, or simply exaggerated to impress you.

1. The bigger the better

Does size really matter? We get many questions from men asking for a pill or lotion to increase their penis size. Firstly, there is no way you can increase the size of your penis. Second, most women happy with a regular sized penis, which is around 16cm.

2. You can cure Aids if you…

Stop! There is no cure for HIV or Aids. If you have HIV/Aids, don’t try any method that you heard about from a friend, a herbalist or an email advert. Don’t try any cure for Aids because it’s not real and won’t work. The best you can do is take your ARVs.

3. I need to be able to go many rounds

If you’re a man who wants to go many rounds a night, then it’s time you read this. After ejaculation men go through a “refractory period” which is like a resting phase before you can have another erection. In younger men (teens and men in their early twenties), this period is shorter, sometimes being able to maintain the erection after orgasm. So, if you are older and can’t understand why you can’t go as many rounds anymore, this is why. There is also no method to make that period shorter, so if you’ve heard about a method, it’s a lie. You can relax.

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4. Oral sex is safer than vaginal sex

Most STDs, like chlamydia, HIV and herpes can be transmitted through oral, vaginal and anal sex. The chance of a transmission from oral sex is lower, but that doesn’t make it safer. Unless you use a condom in all three cases, you open yourself and your partner up to infection. Always use a condom with anal and vaginal sex, and a dental dam for oral sex.

There are many more sexual myths making the rounds out there. The best thing you can when you hear one is to simply ignore it or ask our doctors if there’s any truth to them. If you’d like to ask for some advice, all you need to do is subscribe to our Hello Doctor service. It’s that simple.