Sign language basics

September is World Deaf People Month and to show our support we thought we’d teach you a few sign-language basics!
Hello – Hold your hand up to your head, like a salute, and move it forward.


Goodbye – Hold your hand up like you’re about to do a high-5 and curl your first four fingers down and up.


Nice to meet you – This is a three part sign.
1. Nice: Place your right-hand palm over your left-hand palm and slide your right-hand off the left.
2. To Meet: Next, point both your index fingers upward and move your two hands together.
3. You: Point at the person you are talking to with your right-hand.

Nice To Meet You

Yes – Roll your hand into a fist with your thumb covering your fingers. Next nod your fist up and down.


No – Press your middle finger and index finger on your thumb.


Thank you – With both hands, raise them to your mouth and move them forward.

Thank you

To help with names and locations, sign language has its own alphabet. Take a look at the diagram below:

Sign language alphabet

Take a look at this great video clip that covers the different signs you can use in a medical emergency.



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