Sitting is the new smoking

You better stand up to read this: Sitting for long periods during the day is ruining your health 화이트 데이 다운로드.

You know that not doing any exercise isn’t doing your health any favours, but did you know that sitting for long periods of the day can be just as bad? Sitting can shorten your life almost as much as smoking can. The only real difference is that you might smell better and those around you won’t be affected!

As we work, we sit more than we do anything else. We’re averaging around 9 hours a day, compared to 7 hours of sleeping. Besides the strain that sitting puts on your back and neck, it also causes a number of changes to the way your body breaks down and uses energy. For example, your muscles burn less fat and blood flow becomes sluggish during a long sit. Blood pressure goes up and cells, which are lying around still and unused, become less responsive to hormones like insulin. These changes, in the long run, can result in heart disease and diabetes.

Moving muscles help to pump a fresh supply of blood and oxygen to your brain. Sitting for a long time slows this process down and in turn, slows your brain function too.

Exercise is of course the perfect antidote to the sitting poison, but there is a catch. Even if you exercise for the recommended 30 minutes a day, but then spend the rest of your day sitting, you won’t be getting any of those wonderful health benefits from your exercise. It is the actual act of sitting for a long time that increases your risk of disease, even if you’re doing enough exercise. Again, it’s a bit like smoking – smoking is bad for you, regardless of whether or not you exercise.

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So the solution is quite simply move more, sit less. Think “30 for 5”. Every 30 minutes, get up and move around for 5. Here are some good ideas to get you started:

  • Get up and walk to a colleague instead of emailing or calling
  • Keep a cup on your desk and fill it with water every 30 minutes
  • Try out a walking or standing meeting instead of one sitting around the table
  • Use the toilets on another floor, or the ones furthest away from your desk
  • Download an app that reminds you to stand every 30 minutes or set an alarm on your computer or phone that will help keep you on track
  • Incorporate more standing into your leisure time. Watching TV for hours is just as bad for you as sitting at your desk. Make an effort to get up during each add break… or better yet, don’t watch TV at all!

Written by Karen Heath