Sleep and Exam Stress

By November 3, 2014Anxiety, Stress

It’s the Matric finals, and we know exactly what this is like tunnelbear 다운로드!

Besides the schedule, and the feeling that it’s all nearly behind you, there’s the stress of wondering just what they’re going to ask in each subject. And that means a rush to try and cover everything, just in case.

While it’s a very good idea to be as prepared as you can, don’t be tempted to pull any all-nighters – especially the night before you write an exam.

Surely One Night Won’t Do Any Harm?

Missing out on sleep before an exam is going to mean:

  • Less ability to focus, and weaker concentration levels
  • Poorer memory
  • Interference with your problem-solving skills

These are all vital when it comes to writing a successful exam. You need to be able to understand questions, remember answers and focus clearly on the problems presented.

What If I’m Too Stressed To Sleep?

We know that being anxious can keep you awake, so here are some tips to help you get the 8 hours you need to keep you exam-fit!

  • Get outside and do some exercise, it really helps. Even if it’s just a fast walk, a short run, or 20 minutes of soccer in the neighbourhood. It’ll take your mind off the exam, and help you to sleep well.
  • If you can, take a soothing bath with some bubbles. A shower is more likely to wake you up, but lying back in the bath is relaxing.
  • Make sure that you get into bed early – you don’t have to sleep. Take a book or some magazines with you, and switch off the phone. Seriously, switch it off, as electronics in bed are real sleep-killers.
  • Play some soft, lyrical music quietly, but steer away from the beats!
  • If you don’t fall asleep immediately, don’t panic. Just think about nice things, instead of exams, then close your eyes and clear your mind.
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Sleep well – and good luck with all your exams!

Source: WikiHow