SNAP! – Gym accident causes serious injury

Do you actually know what you’re doing at the gym 원북스 다운로드? There’s no room for inexperience. Things can go wrong and, in this case, VERY wrong!

A UK woman suffered a freak accident while using the leg press machine. The result – she snapped a bone in her leg. Besides excruciating pain, she set her fitness routine back by months.

Dr Albert Viljoen explains: “Gyms make it easy for anyone to do exercise. That’s a great thing. However too many people don’t know correct technique – like this poor woman. I always tell people: find a well-qualified trainer to help you. Even if you feel fine doing a specific exercise: the wrong technique can cause an injury as sudden as this, and put you out of action for months!”

Injury prevention

Warm ups: It’s essential to stretch and do other aerobic activities that get the blood pumping throughout your body before you hit the weight and resistance training. Try:

  • Skipping
  • Jumping jacks
  • Leg raises
  • Squats

Pyramid: This means: start with lighter weights, more reps and slowly build to heavier weights. You’ll be able to know your limits.

It’s also essential to consult a doctor before you begin a fitness and muscle-building routine.

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