Spotting the early signs of dementia

By January 16, 2014Ageing

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is fast becoming a serious health problem, and it currently affects more than 800 000 people in the UK alone Kung Fu Panda 1 Download. Considering there is no cure for the disease, scientists are now trying to find new ways to spot the early signs of dementia, in an attempt to help curb the problem before it becomes worse. One of the latest scientific advancements is a 15 minute test to help detect any early warning signs of the condition.

The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam, or SAGE, is a simple test which can be completed online or on paper, and covers topics from language to problem solving. Aside from the language component, the paper is universal so it can be used to test just about anyone – regardless of where they live. This is huge advancement in detecting Alzheimer’s as it’s normally diagnosed after performing a series of complicated tasks, while being monitored by an expert.

According to recent findings, the test proved effective in accurately assessing a large number of people for mild cognitive impairment. However, the results of the test are just for screening purposes and should not be taken for a diagnosis.  Always contact a specialist if you think you or a family member is starting to show signs of dementia.

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