Spring clean your look!

It’s Spring – just like that 무료 mp3new 빠른 다운로드! We know; it felt like winter was never going to end. But the mornings are already lighter, which means that summer is on its way! Did you put on a few kilos over the cold months? Well, now is the perfect time to work them off. Here are 3 ways you can use Spring to get ready for a great Summer.

Time To Get Moving!

The short route to getting in shape is to get moving – there’s no way around this. The trick is to find the kind of exercise or training that you enjoy, and to make sure to change up your routine. If you’re new to the world of training, then here are some vital tips on exercise: The 5 Elements of Fitness.

Remember, if you like it, you’ll stick to it. To find out more about what kind of training suits your personality, watch this:

Time To Eat Light

Exercise is good, but exercise combined with healthy eating is like magic! This time of year means more fresh fruit, lighter meals and it’s a really good excuse to get rid of sugar and processed foods. Start with the fridge and the kitchen cupboards – don’t keep any unhealthy snacks around. If you need some inspiration for healthy eating, see Weightloss: What am I doing Wrong? Also, see why it can save you money (and weight) to eat foods that are in season.

Time To Get Rid Of Winter Skin

You’ve spent winter wrapped up in layers – and that includes your feet! How do you get your skin looking toned and radiant in time for summer sandals and no sleeves? The first secret is: exfoliation. If you don’t exfoliate your skin regularly, the skin cells that die collect on the surface of your skin, giving it that dry, dull look. Make your skin glow by exfoliating a couple of times a week with a natural exfoliating scrub to remove all dull, winter skin.

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The second secret is: moisture, moisture, moisture! Once the dull skin is gone, it’s time for moisturiser – and this is for men and women! Follow any washing or exfoliation with a moisturiser. And get into the habit of putting on sunscreen; by the time summer is at full burn, it will be an automatic part of your daily routine. Here’s some more on how to make your skin glow!