Stuck at the office in the holidays?

By December 29, 2015Work

Are you on skeleton-staff detail this year game for DOS? We know how tough it is to be alone in the office when everyone else is celebrating, so here are a few tips to soften the blow.

  1. Take it easy on Social Media! Scrolling through pictures and posts of friends and family having a blast at the beach is going to bring you down. Yes, it will. If you need a break, watch funny animals, make tea or take a walk. Do NOT get stuck in everyone else’s holiday pics!
  2. Negotiate with your boss and see if working from home is an option. You may only have to chase a few deadlines and then you can celebrate.
  3. If you know that you have to miss a family outing on a day you have to work, see if they can schedule it for a day when you’re free. Or plan an extra family party or outing when you have some time off.
  4. Make the time count! It’s easy to find that you’ve wasted a day if you’re alone in the office, so write yourself a list of tasks and nail them. Two things are sure to happen: the time will pass quickly, and you’re going to a few steps ahead in the new year.

So, there you go. It’ll be over before you know it, and when everyone else’s tan is wearing off, it will be your turn!

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