Suffering from acne? Is your shampoo to blame?

By December 17, 2014Hair & nails

So, did you think you’d waved goodbye to those pesky pimples after your teenage years Giant movie? Think again! If you’re finding spots popping up and aren’t sure why, the culprit could be hiding in your bathroom – your shampoo!

How can my shampoo cause acne?

We know, it seems crazy to think that a product designed to clean your hair could cause itchy, red blotches to appear on your skin, but studies show that it’s definitely possible.

  • Acne is caused when your skin’s natural oil cells combine with dead skin cells, which blocks your pores, causing those unsightly spots. The keyword here is: OIL.

Have you ever looked to at your shampoo bottle to check if it contains sodium sulfate? Sodium sulfate leaves a film on the skin that can cause acne.

Many cosmetic dermatologists have commented that oily shampoo can also cause folliculitis, which is the a breakout of spots on your back.

Dr Stefanie Williams, an acne specialist, says: “Adult acne is at epidemic levels. Increased stress caused by the pace of work and modern life, can all cause or aggravate acne.”

Is there anything I can do?

Absolutely! With just a few changes, your spots will be a thing of the past.

  • Some people get acne more easily than others – are you one of these people? Go to your local supermarket and look for an oil-free shampoo

If your shampoo is the only one for you, try this:

  • Wash and condition your hair at the beginning of your shower and rinse immediately. Then tie your hair up and wash your face and body to remove any oil left behind.
  • Are spots breaking out in new areas? We recommend that you make an appointment with a dermatologist.
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