Supplements: Building you up or breaking you down?

Supplements claim that they are able to increase your muscle mass, melt away body fat and boost endurance – and we buy them without speaking to an expert because we’re willing to do anything we can to get the results we want.

But, are you getting professional advice about these body chemistry enhancers before you pop them with your morning smoothie? If you answered, NO, stop now and speak to a health professional!

Advice you should avoid

  • ‘That guy’ at the gym: He may look good, but that doesn’t mean he has all the information you need! He’ll tell you that what he’s using is the best, but he may not be telling you what else he is taking – or how it’s affecting his skin, his blood pressure or his moods.
  • Sales representatives: You’ve seen it before. You arrive at the gym and are immediately harassed by some guy promoting the ‘best brand’ of supplements. Here’s the deal:
  1. He’s been told what to say
  2. He’ll try make a sale by any means possible
  3. He has no qualifications in nutrition

Don’t be duped! Always consult an expert.

Remember, everybody’s body composition is different and responds in different ways – what works for your friend may harm your body. Don’t let peer pressure control you.

So, who can give me the best advice?

  • Speak to a registered dietician: There’s a common misunderstanding that dieticians are there to help people lose weight. Many of them specialise in helping elite sportsmen and athletes to bulk up – whether you want to lose or gain weight, your nutrition and exercise programme go hand-in-hand and, if you want to achieve your goal, you need to be consistent with both your exercise and nutrition.
  • A sports nutrition expert: Once the dietician has assessed your needs and performed the necessary tests, it’s time to speak to a supplement expert. The dietician’s results will give them a better idea of what types of supplements will suit YOU! If your aim to increase your muscle mass, a sport nutritionist will explain that a mass-building product’s make-up means that you have to follow a specific diet very strictly to get the gains you want. There’s no magic pill.
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Build Without Harm

So, do you think supplements will give you the body that you want? Listen up: No supplement is without side-effects and these could destroy your goal of getting that perfect physique. Make sure that you’re informed!

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