Sushi shock!

Sushi your birth certificate. You either love it or hate it. If you haven’t tried it yet, those shock pics all over Twitter may put you off.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

A set of pics doing the rounds have been causing a big reaction on social media, a few “eeuw!!” images of a Chinese man’s body riddled with tapeworms after eating sashimi.

According to reports, the man began to suffer from stomach pain and an itchy skin sometime after he had eaten lots of a traditional dish of sliced raw fish. A series of scans uncovered the cause of his discomfort: almost his whole body was riddled with tapeworm!

Does All Sushi Have Raw Fish?

Sushi means cooked vinegared rice, which is paired together with other ingredients like vegetables, seafood, or even some fruits. While some sushi is prepared with raw seafood, other varieties use cooked ingredients. The dish that apparently gave the man in the X-ray pics worms was sashimi, where raw fish is sliced and served without rice.

Should I Stop Eating Sushi?

No! As long as you order your sushi from reputable restaurants, where both the restaurant and fish provider follow food safety standards, you can enjoy a platter of your favourites.

If you’re making sushi at home, don’t use raw fish. Use vegetables such as avocado, cucumber, or cooked fish instead – such as smoked salmon,cooked prawns or grilled tuna.

Who Should Avoid Eating Raw Fish? Our Resident Doctor Weighs In

Dr Russell from Hello Doctor says: ‘If you suffer from a weak immune system or a liver disorder, skip the sushi next time you order, as sushi can carry allergens that could make you sick.”

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Source: Daily Mail