Gender based Violence
December 4, 2020

Today I silence my fear. Today I don’t bury my head in the sand.

“I’m fine”. Sounds familiar? It’s a standard response, often coupled with a smile or a wave of the hand. But how are you really? One tactic of an abuser is to deflate your psychological power and well-being, and so having the courage to check in with yourself can be the first step towards regaining control.
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Love & Relationship
January 23, 2019

Help for emotional abuse

Your significant other has never hit or shouted at you, so why do they make you feel so bad all the time? It may be emotional abuse. From black-and-blue bruises to cuts and grazes, physical abuse leaves behind easy-to-spot traces. But the effects of emotional abuse can be harder to identify, and knowing when its happening to you is often trickier. Like physical abuse, emotional abuse refers to an attempt to control another person. Although there isn’t any physical harm, emotions are the abuser’s weapon of choice. There’s a misconception that emotional abuse only involves your partner shouting or swearing…
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Mental & Emotional Health
October 31, 2017

Why almost every South African needs a counsellor

Updated crime statistics for South Africa were released in October, and they paint a bleak picture. 52 murders, 146 robberies and 46 hijackings per day… and these are just the incidents that are reported. Evidence suggests that over a period of 5 years, close to 70% of all South Africans have becomes a victim of crime at least once. Besides physical injury, being exposed to any type of trauma, be that rape, a mugging, a car accident or even bullying, has implications to multiple regions in your brain. This is one of the reasons why mental health concerns, specifically Post…
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Mental & Emotional Health
September 20, 2015

“I was raped! What now?”

We hope that these words never come from your mouth, and there’s a very good chance that they won’t. But with South Africa’s high sexual assault statistics, it is better for you to have all the information you need - even if it’s just to help someone else. Fear and shock make it very difficult to think clearly, but for anyone who has been the victim of rape/sexual assault, there are some steps that are vital to get through this terrible event: (more…)
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Mental & Emotional Health
August 9, 2015

Signs of an abusive relationship

So, you’re struggling in your relationship; it’s not perfect, but then you tell yourself, “Nobody’s relationship is flawless.” But could it not be working because you’re actually in an abusive relationship without knowing it? If you answer YES to at least 4 of the following 6 signs, you may very well be in an abusive relationship. (more…)
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January 16, 2015

Bruised at day-care

Joanne Hart for HelloDoctor.com Okay, little ones are constantly bumping into things, or pulling objects over – so, it’s no great surprise to see them come home with the odd scrape or bruise. You should expect the day-care staff to give you some feedback on how a bruise happened, but it’s also possible for them to miss a small bump forms a bruise later in the day. (more…)
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