Men's Health
October 20, 2020

4 unusual signs of depression in men

Depression is more than just a low mood. And, especially with guys, the presentation can be so unusual, that it doesn't look like depression at all. Even your doctor could miss the diagnosis!
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Brain and Nervous System
January 8, 2018

Is grandpa just confused, or is he delirious?

We all have those times when our minds feel foggy. You might find yourself losing track of time, struggling to concentrate and can’t seem to keep track of your whereabouts. If this happens to your grandparents or a loved one, how do you know whether it is just a little confusion, or the more serious delirium? Delirium is a medical condition defined as a severe and abrupt state of confusion. The beginning stages of delirium are usually rapid, reaching a peak within hours or a few days. Symptoms include a reduced awareness of the environment, altered consciousness (hallucinations) and an…
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DepressionMental & Emotional Health
October 24, 2017

Why depression is often missed in guys

Depression is more than just feeling sad. It’s a feeling that goes beyond “snap out of it!” And, unfortunately, it’s often misdiagnosed as the symptoms are different in men than in women. Research points out that men have trouble saying out loud, “I have depression,” because of societal pressure to always be strong. Is the stigma worth your mental health though? According to studies, professionals look for the same symptoms of depression in men as in women: sadness, increased emotions or fatigue. Women also tend to be more open about their emotions in general and will acknowledge when they feel…
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Mental & Emotional Health
July 15, 2016

The benefits of anger

We all get angry. It’s an emotion just as much as happiness, but anger is regarded as undesirable. You feel it rising up inside you until you can’t hold it ann..yy…mooo…re! Even though it may seem unpleasant, the truth is that certain levels of anger are actually good for you! (more…)
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Mental & Emotional Health
March 29, 2016

Do you need to manage your anger?

We’re living in the information age: it can feel as if the lights never go out, and the noise never dies down! All this adds up to stress, and nothing shortens your anger-fuse faster than stress. Does it feel like you’re angry ALL THE TIME? Regular, chronic anger drains you, leaving you feeling exhausted. But even low-grade anger can affect you in the same way over time, not just rage. (more…)
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Mental & Emotional Health
September 2, 2015

4 Ways to beat anger

There’s nothing quite like our emotions. Our feelings don’t make us who we are, but they can shape the way we react to people around us. On any given day you’ll experience varying degrees of happiness, sadness, excitement, fear and anger, and knowing how to manage them is an a vital key to maintaining relationships and your profession. When it comes to emotions that need controlling, anger tops the list, so let’s take a look ways you can calm yourself – without hitting someone in the face with a coffee mug. Breathe. No jokes, breathing really does help. And it’s…
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