back pain

Exercise, Fitness & Muscle
November 23, 2020

Exercises to keep your spine healthy

Sore back? Stiff shoulders? Painful hips? A lot of these complaints can be related to one thing: your spine. Learn how to keep your spine happy and healthy, and say good-bye to aches & pains.
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Back Pain
August 10, 2019

When should you worry about your back pain?

We’ve all experienced back pain at some point, which can range from a nagging ache to excruciating pain. How do you know if it is serious?
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Back PainSymptoms, Aches & Pains
February 20, 2018

How best to treat your back pain

After headache, back pain is the most common cause of pain. Do you know the signs, how to prevent it and what to do when pain strikes? An estimated 75% of South Africans experience back pain in their lifetime. Some of the factors that place you at risk include ageing, an inactive lifestyle, poor posture, genetic factors, pregnancy and smoking. Common symptoms  Pain in the back. Restriction of back movements. Numbness of one or both legs. Back pain radiating to the foot or knee. Dizziness or disturbance of vision related to neck posture. Difficulty standing up after sitting for a…
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Back Pain
February 23, 2017

Sore back? It could be degenerative disk disease

Ouch! You’ve barely lifted anything all day, but bending sends a jolt of pain up your back. Continuous painful aches in your back or legs could be signs of degenerative disc disease. When your discs lose their water content from the ravages of illness or age, they also lose their height, bringing your vertebrae closer together. As a result, the nerve endings of your spine become narrower. When this happens, your discs aren’t well able to absorb shock from normal activities like walking, running and jumping. A poor posture and incorrect body movements could also weaken your discs and cause…
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Back PainBrain and Nervous System
January 31, 2017

Get a leg up on back pain

You hesitate to bend and lift things, and even reaching for something is painful. Back pain can make you feel years older than you actually are and if it isn’t managed, it could cause serious damage. There are different remedies that can be used to treat back pain and keeping your legs fit is one of them. If you're unsure, why not chat to one of our doctors? We'll help you figure out what's up. Sore back? You might be guilty of one of these… Being unfit increases your risk for back pain, especially if you work out in erratic bursts. Lack…
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