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Brain and Nervous System
November 9, 2017

Foods that keep your mind sharp

Your brain is a powerful organic machine that constantly operates at a super-high speed. In one way, it works a bit like a scanner: receiving millions of signals from your body every millisecond, your brain needs to filter and manage every signal that comes in, to control movement, thoughts, sensations, bodily functions and social interactions. All of this while calculating and reacting to subconscious stimulus and keeping you alive every second of the day. Phew! To keep this complex machine running at its best, your brain needs fuel - and not just any fuel: certain foods pack a brain-boosting punch, so…

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Food & nutritionMental & Emotional Health
October 26, 2016

Eat smart to get smart

Do you live on coffee, energy drinks, and McDonalds during exam time? You’re probably not the only one. Those quick fixes will give you an energy boost – for about five minutes. After that, you’re looking at a crash and brain fog. The result: poor exam performance and bad grades. Trade in the junk for these study-smart foods instead. (more…)

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