Love & Relationship
March 19, 2019

How to get over your ex – according to science

For most people, a break-up usually involves some degree of pain and shock. Strategies for getting over your ex can range from listening to your favourite song for weeks on end, or hopping on to a dating app to perk yourself up with a rebound. While those may bring you short-term satisfaction, science offers some other solutions.
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Mental & Emotional Health
April 7, 2017

How to get over a relationship

Closure: an act or process of concluding something. In your early, exhilarating days of being together you laughed, smiled, talked and dreamed of being together forever. Now that it’s over, you’re left with painful memories and the loss of those dreams. This is what the end of a relationship is: a loss. And it needs to be mourned as such. Relationship closure is a big buzzword but it actually has merit. In a breakup, closure is when you and your ex accept that your relationship is over and you both feel a sense of resolution. The reality is… What worked…
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