Bladder, Kidney & Urinary Tract
April 6, 2017

5 reasons you’re weeing all the time

When nature calls, we really have no choice but to answer. However, running to the bathroom one too many times a day can say much more about the state of your health than what you might think. The average bladder can hold about one and a half to two cups of urine during the day and the average adult should urinate about six times a day. If you find yourself running to the loo more than six times each day, you might be at risk of illness. It is important for the bladder to be emptied regularly and completely because…
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Food & nutrition
May 29, 2016

Is coffee good for you?

You use it to kick-start your day, as a reason to meet a friend – and even have a favourite way of drinking it: coffee is very much part of our lives, and here are 5 reasons why that’s a good thing. (more…)
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