August 30, 2017

Clear these deadly chemicals from your vanity case

Do you know what’s in your make-up case? The average woman uses at least 12 personal care products a day, all of which contain at least 168 different chemicals, says a report by the Environmental Working Group in the US. That’s a lot of chemicals on your skin, and contrary to what we may believe – anything that’s applied to the skin can be just as harmful as ingesting. The skin is the largest living organ of the body and just as you’re mindful about what you eat and drink, you also need to consider what your skin is absorbing.…
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Mental & Emotional Health
June 24, 2016

Romance is a chemical reaction

Is it magic, like lightning – an arrow shot by a small, chubby angel that hits you in the heart from across a crowded room? Or is it just a bunch of brain chemicals setting off a chain reaction? A bit of everything, it seems. (more…)
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March 27, 2015

Are you really addicted?

For years we’ve been led to believe that an addiction is simply a chemical reaction in your brain. It’s not wrong, but it’s not completely right either. Over the years, the results of numerous studies have raised many factors regarding addiction, specifically drug addiction. Which begs the question, what really makes you addicted? The answer still isn’t black and white. (more…)
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