December 7, 2014

Having fussy eaters over on Christmas Day?

For most of us, memories of childhood Christmas celebrations are simple and straightforward – either your family had the full hot meal including various roasts and veggies, followed by trifle and Christmas pudding, or they went the cold route with salads, meats and various desserts. But, all of that has changed. More knowledge about how diet affects our health has brought everything from meat-free to banting - Christmas meals may never be the same again! (more…)
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Healthy Lifestyle
November 19, 2014

The 3 P’s to avoid financial overindulgence during the festive season

The festive season is almost upon us and with it comes a few end-of-year indulgences. Just like a healthy lifestyle, everything needs to happen in moderation. If you overspend during the silly season, you could risk becoming over-indebted or struggling to get back into your monthly financial routine. Here are a few tips to help you avoid overindulgence during the holiday season. (more…)
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Child DevelopmentParenting
November 16, 2014

Real toys for kids

Even though electronic games and gadgets are all the rage, remember that the way kids develop their motor skills has not changed. So, between the iPad and the games consoles, include some real toys that help your kids to learn and (bonus) don’t drain the power-grid! (more…)
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