Gut & digestion
October 22, 2018

Home remedies for an upset stomach

Was it something you ate, or do you have a tummy bug? You can’t eat or move comfortably without feeling a jolt of pain, so you stay home, curled up in a ball. There’s nothing like an upset stomach to ruin your day, but before you reach for another painkiller, try these remedies to ease those cramps. Ginger This spicy root vegetable adds a kick to hot drinks and meals, but did you know it can ease cramps too? Ginger contains chemicals (called gingerols and shogaols) that can help speed up digestion. It does this by making your stomach contract…
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Food & nutrition
May 27, 2014

6 super spices to stock at home

Whole and ground spices don’t just add flavour to your favourite soup, stew or curry – it turns out that a lot of them have amazing health benefits too. Here are the top 6 spices to keep stocked at home – how many of them do you use? (more…)
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