General knowledge
January 27, 2020

5 Exciting future developments in health

Get ready for the future of healthcare, with these incredible developments. From 3D printed medication, to breathalysers that can diagnose cancer.
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Healthy Lifestyle
September 28, 2017

Why you deserve a second opinion

Your doctor says, “It looks like you may be diabetic.” Or, “Hmm… your cholesterol is on the high side.” Perhaps it’s even a spine-tingling, “Wow, I’ve never seen this before!” And immediately, your blood runs cold and you go into panic/stress mode, convinced you’re already in the grips of death. Doctors and medical experts, by virtue of their extensive training, and the critical nature of their work – are meant to deliver accurate diagnosis and treatments. After all, they are the experts. But, human error is a real concept, along with faulty machinery and diagnostic errors. In fact, Johns Hopkins…
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Tests & investigations
February 27, 2017

Five things your blood can tell you

Few of us enjoy being jabbed with needles, but a blood test is an important indicator of how healthy you are. A blood test usually involves taking blood samples from a blood vessel in your arm. Your arm is used because it can be easily covered up after a blood sample is taken. The usual place that blood is taken from is the inside of your elbow or wrist, where your veins are close to the surface and easy to find. You should have a blood test done at least once every year, to check for any health issues. Doctors…
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Cancer & lymphoma
September 25, 2014

Men, don’t shy away from the prostate exam

We all know that breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, but did you know that prostate cancer is one of the most common in men? Particularly in older men, as the risk increases with age. The good news, however, is that treatments for prostate cancer are very effective if it’s detected early enough. Let’s take a look at how it’s diagnosed and what you can do to decrease your chances of developing this cancer. (more…)
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