Symptoms, Aches & Pains
November 16, 2017

What does it mean to be dehydrated?

Amazingly, your body is made up of 2/3 water! It’s essential for many processes in your body, from lubricating your eyes and joints, to aiding digestion, flushing waste and keeping skin supple and healthy. But when the normal water content in your body is reduced, it upsets the delicate balance of minerals, which has a huge effect on how your body functions. Usually, your body re-absorbs fluid from your blood and other tissues if it needs, but by the time severe dehydration sets in, there’s no longer enough fluid to get blood to your organs. This sends you into shock,…

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Ears, Nose & Throat
October 24, 2017

What to do when the world is spinning

If you also used to play on the merry-go-round, or spin yourself around when you were young, you would have felt that the world kept on spinning. This sensation is called vertigo, and it's all fun and games when you're 9 years old, but if the symptom doesn't go away, it can be awful. What is vertigo exactly? Vertigo is a symptom, rather than a condition. It's the sensation that you, or the environment around you, is moving or spinning even though you are standing still. In some cases, this feeling may be barely noticeable, but in others in can…

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Symptoms, Aches & Pains
February 28, 2017

Five reasons you’re feeling dizzy

Dizziness is a common symptom, which may mean different things to different people. Some use it to describe light-headedness, loss of balance, feeling faint or unsteady, or the sensation that the surroundings are spinning. Because dizziness can be used to describe more than a few feelings, it’s not always easy to identify the underlying cause. Possible causes: Postural hypotension is a sudden drop in blood pressure when you stand up too fast. When you stand, the blood vessels in your legs constrict which prevents blood from pooling in the veins in your legs. Blood remains in your legs, and the…

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