Brain and Nervous System
August 3, 2018

Could you have undiagnosed dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a lifelong neurological condition that makes it difficult for you to read. It’s a common learning issue which usually develops in children. Those who are diagnosed usually struggle with answering questions about anything they’ve read. Dyslexia can create difficulty with other skills too, like spelling, writing, mathematics and reading comprehension. The condition can be difficult to diagnose until a child goes to school and even then, a teacher may not be able to accurately pick up the signs. This is because they may blame early signs on children not applying themselves or not paying attention. Many people who…
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Mental & Emotional Health
October 22, 2014

Living with dyslexia

“In Grade 1, I couldn’t write my name and I felt at this young age that I had already ‘failed’. But now I just laugh about the errors – I’m completely content and open about it.” - Ashleigh Marshall Do you have dyslexia or know anyone that does? We met up with Kayos’ Operations Manager, Ashleigh Marshall and her son, Adam Marshall, who were both born with dyslexia - a condition that makes it difficult for them to write, spell and read fluently. (more…)
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