Travel & holiday
March 26, 2016

Don’t drive over the Easter Bunny!

The season of chocolate bunnies and long weekends is coming at us at high speed. Can you believe it’s Easter already? Fun times await us, and to make sure that feel good chocolatey love carries on, we thought it’s time to give you some advice. Over the years, the festive seasons have always been a lightning rod for road accidents, but we don’t want that this year. Would you rather sit with your family and hunt Easter eggs or wake up in an emergency ward? It’s a no-brainer. (more…)
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Food & nutrition
March 25, 2016

Don’t binge this Easter!

Joanne Hart for HelloDoctor.com You’ve been on a healthy eating plan since the year began – good for you! But here comes Easter riding on a wave of chocolate! Surely it couldn’t hurt to binge a little? Actually, it really can. This is what happens when you sugar binge: (more…)
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Healthy Lifestyle
March 18, 2016

Kids and the Easter holidays!

It’s the first break of the year! Let’s be honest, everyone looks forward to the first few long weekends around Easter. But it’s also the end of the first school term which means: kids are at home for the holidays. If you’re taking take time off to spend with the family, here’s how to stop a mass attack of boredom! (more…)
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