emotional abuse

Love & Relationship
January 23, 2019

Help for emotional abuse

Your significant other has never hit or shouted at you, so why do they make you feel so bad all the time? It may be emotional abuse. From black-and-blue bruises to cuts and grazes, physical abuse leaves behind easy-to-spot traces. But the effects of emotional abuse can be harder to identify, and knowing when its happening to you is often trickier. Like physical abuse, emotional abuse refers to an attempt to control another person. Although there isn’t any physical harm, emotions are the abuser’s weapon of choice. There’s a misconception that emotional abuse only involves your partner shouting or swearing…
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Mental & Emotional Health
April 10, 2014

Emotional abuse is STILL abuse

Amongst other things, the Oscar Pistorius trial has opened the door to the fact that emotional and psychological abuse is very real, and it’s as dangerous and damaging as physical abuse. So why doesn’t it get as much attention? Why isn’t it taken as seriously? Most abusive relationships start out normally, with the usual romance and charm that comes with meeting and getting to know someone, and ultimately falling in love with them. If there is abuse, it might not seem obvious in the beginning, because it tends to start off slowly, subtly. It’s often hard to see abusive behaviour…
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