Exercise, Fitness & Muscle
July 23, 2017

Fitness fads that don’t work

It promised to blast away the fat, tone your arms, and give you a six pack overnight. All you’re left with is a receipt for the machine… Exercise fads are big business, and probably more popular than ever as we live in the age of social media where looks are all-important. Everyone’s striving for the perfect body, in the fastest time possible. The bottom line though, say experts, is that the fads don’t work. Diet and fitness trends are transient and seldom give long-lasting results. Cape Town coach, Roland Jungwirth points out that exercise “programming” is more than just exercise…
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Food & nutrition
November 2, 2015

The latest diet trends you should never try!

Diet trends: how about eating baby food every day or swallowing parasites to help you lose weight? Pretty gross and risky, right? But if you were desperate, would you consider it? Here are some of the craziest and dangerous diets that people have decided to try. (more…)
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May 24, 2015

Colouring inside the lines!

Colouring-in books for adults? Yes! And some of them are topping best-seller lists! No, it isn’t weird: colouring-in for relaxation, and as a de-stressor, makes perfect sense. (more…)
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