July 20, 2020

Are you depressed or just under pressure?

Let's face it - life can be pretty tough sometimes. Especially when 'sometimes' is the year 2020! Not all of us cope in the same way, and that is okay. Some of us take the crises in our stride. For others, the uncertainty, stress, uncertainty, and fear-driven headlines get too much, and they start developing symptoms of depression. Are you just going through a temporary struggle, or should you consult a doctor? about depression? In most instances, those hard-to-shake symptoms of fatigue, forgetfulness and feeling flustered are more likely to be signs of a burn-out, which can still be serious…
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Healthy Lifestyle
December 5, 2013

Health check for your finances

Stressed out about your financial situation? Metropolitan shares their advice to help you reach financial wellness. The link between stress and illness is well documented, and studies show that prolonged financial stress can impact your mental and physical health. It’s time to remedy your financial situation, starting with these top financial wellness tips – from Metropolitan. (more…)
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