Foot Care
June 19, 2016

Give your feet some love after a hard day’s work!

You've just got home and you can’t wait to take off your new pair of heels – they’re gorgeous, but your feet aren't happy that you've spent the whole day “wearing them in.” So, give them some love after a hard day’s work – after all, they carry you every step of the way! Here are our quick fix tips for relieving tired and aching feet. (more…)
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December 17, 2013

Man’s severed hand “kept alive” by grafting it to his ankle

A young man who lost his hand in an industrial accident had the severed appendage sewn onto his ankle to keep it “alive”, for a month before he started undergoing surgeries to reattach it. Xiao Wei, from China, was badly injured in November, and doctors at a local hospital initially said they would be unable to save his limb. However, doctors at a larger hospital opted to sew the hand to his ankle to stop it dying while they treated Wei’s other injuries. (more…)
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