Mental & Emotional Health
January 21, 2021

One key habit to improve your mental health in 2021

When you want to improve your health, you focus on the basics: eat better and exercise more. But here is something else to consider: your social life. We’re not referring just to how often you go out with friends, but how your relationships impact your overall well-being.
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Love & Relationship
June 28, 2020

Could there be something more important than diet and exercise?

Think about it: you’ve had a bad day. What would you prefer to do, eat a salad or meet up with your BFF and have a heart to heart? It turns out that friendship has a powerful effect on your health...
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November 22, 2019

Impress your friends with these tasty mocktail recipes

A party is still a party without alcohol. Stay healthy and refreshed with these tantalising summer mocktails.
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Mental & Emotional Health
July 10, 2017

Make friends for life, not likes

University can be a challenging time. Your high school chapter has ended, and you’re out in the big bad world. You have to learn to be independent, navigate new rules, and fend for yourself. Overwhelming much? A friend who’s in the same boat as you will help in making your experience smoother, more fun, and you may just end up with a friend for life. Good friends, good life A bustling social life is as healthy for you as avoiding cigarettes. Yes really, says a study in the journal, PloS Medicine. Being a first year in university comes with immense…
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