general health

First Aid, Accidents & Injuries
September 22, 2020

Home emergencies – how to handle a fever

It's 3am and your 2 year old, who has been restless all night, wakes up howling. Her skin feels as though it’s burning up, so you grab your thermometer, and her temperature is 39 degrees. What do you do?
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Gut & digestion
August 7, 2019

Do you struggle with heartburn? Avoid these foods

Heartburn is an extremely uncomfortable experience which affects thousands of people each day. Symptoms can range from burning in the chest to a sour acidic taste in the back of your throat. To keep acid reflux at bay, avoid the following triggers
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Gut & digestion
August 9, 2018

Over-the-counter meds to get rid of heartburn

You’ve just eaten a delicious meal. Instead of feeling satisfied though, you have that familiar uncomfortable sensation of heartburn. Ugh! Heartburn, also known as pyrosis, is a burning feeling in your chest. It happens when stomach acid flows back up the oesophagus (the tube that carries food and fluids from the mouth to the stomach). This is usually because the sphincter (a band of muscle around the end of the oesophagus, that keeps it closed off) weakens, or doesn’t function properly. A bitter or sour taste in your throat or mouth is a common symptom when this happens. Different lifestyle…
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FluHealthy LifestyleInfectionsWork
July 16, 2018

How sick is too sick to go to work?

Just how sick do you have to be to stay home? But how sick can you be to qualify for a day off? Well, truth is if you’re really feeling unwell and especially if you have a fever, you need to stay home. You also have to consider whether you’re putting yourself or others at risk if you go to work. If the symptoms of your condition, or the side-effects of medication could cause an injury or accident on the job, affect others, or if your work flow is interrupted and you can’t focus, then you need to stay at…
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Complementary Medicine
March 7, 2018

8 ways honey can help your health

Honey is one of the world’s oldest medicines. Its strong antibacterial and healing properties make it a great natural remedy for many common health problems. It was the most used medicine in ancient Egypt, and was deemed so precious that it was traded as a form of currency! The Roman legions also treated their wounds with honey, and athletes at the ancient Olympic Games ate honey and dried figs to enhance their sports performance. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, believed in honey as the golden healer. "Honey cleans sores and ulcers, softens hard ulcers of the lips, and heals…
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Love & Relationship
February 20, 2018

The main ingredient of optimal health

What do you do when your kitchen table loses a leg? You fix it to get it balanced again, right? Support. It needs support to stand upright. Well, that’s exactly what you need too for a well-rounded healthy life. A healthy life isn’t just about eating well and exercising. Mental and emotional wellbeing are of immense importance too. And a large part of this wellbeing is support – from friends and family. The power of support Life has many ups and downs and we all need people to lean on during tough times. Social support can even boost your physical…
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Mental & Emotional Health
December 11, 2015

Give the gift of a longer life

Are you still racking your brain about what sort of presents to buy your family and friends this festive season? How about a longer life – they’ll never expect it! Not sure what we mean? Here’s your 2015 Christmas list. (more…)
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