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Food & nutrition
June 20, 2020

Stock your cupboard and fridge with these foods

Healthy eating should be easy, and it can. Just make sure to stock your fridge with these: whether you need to prep lunch for work, or plan a dinner, you’ll have all the ingredients at hand! Quick, easy, and good for you.
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Food & nutrition
June 23, 2017

Is your food killing you?

Off the coast of Japan, you will meet the people of Okinawa. It’s a tiny island. What makes Okinawa special is that its people live to the age of 100 more than anywhere else in the world. Okinawa also has the oldest living female population and the longest disability-free life expectancy. Their secret? It seems to be the foods they eat. The fountain of youth The facts don’t lie: people today are fatter and unhealthier than ever. Our food is packed with additives and enhanced substances. Too often we choose fast food over nutritious fare, and subsequently, cancer, obesity, and…
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Food & nutritionMental & Emotional Health
December 19, 2016

How to avoid bad snacking this January

It’s the start of the year, the debit orders have all hit and you’re trying to manage all your finances while starting your New Year diet plan. Before you know it, you’re sitting on your bed, finishing off a tub of ice-cream and there are empty chocolate wrappers scattered around you. What’s just happened? Think of stress eating as your emotional crutch. It’s what you turn to when you feel a bit down or under pressure. Consider the comfort foods you turn to when stressed. Macaroni and cheese, sweet treats, warm drinks and fast food… these are mostly foods from…
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